Friday, April 17, 2009

Only in a little country town!

As promised, I've started the weekend off right by taking lots of pictures!

John was off work Friday, so when I got off at 12:00 we took off and headed up the road! We just goofed all day long. Our first stop was at my aunts house. I am in debates of whether or not to adopt a kitten from her, and I wanted to stop in and see how they were doing. I LOVE cats! I had 2 back at mom and dads that we got before my 7th grade year of school. One of them is still alive now, her name is Cricket...she will always be my first's a picture of her just so you can see how precious she is.We didn't get to see the kittens today though! My uncle was gone, and they are still with their mom in his time I guess. I got a pic of Brutis though...he's my uncles dog...
This dog is a BABY! He thinks he can scare ya with his bark, but that is all he has...if you walk toward him he runs away! LOL He's a good dog. we left from there and went to have a driving lesson! John's truck is a straight drive and I do not know how to drive it, so he took me to a road up in the country to practice...all I can say about that is; one days worth of practice is NOT enough for me. John said I was doing really good, but I think deep down he was scared for his life and the life of his truck! LOL MY nerves were tore all to pieces, I can only imagine how he was feeling. No pictures of that "show" one needs to see me cranking that truck 2 dozen times after I'd let the clutch out and it'd die! :)
We rarely ever take a road trip without toting a fishing pole along with us. If John thinks there will be water nearby, he's gonna have a pole. He had a fishing adventure up his sleeve and took me to a private pond that he goes to sometimes. I like to fish, I just get bored with it if nothing is biting right away though. At this place though, I didn't get so bored. I had all sorts of animals to entertain me! Here's a couple of pictures:
I'm not sure if you can really see it in the above picture or not, but we are pretty sure this goose has 3 legs! You'll have to look can see the 2 on the ground, but then just in front there is "something" else that closely resembles another foot. It definitely has some sort of growth on it. Poor thing, he stayed off to himself while all the other ones mingled together. Isn't that just like society, if we're different in any way, we are cast out by others. So sad!!!
There was also a couple goats and of course a dog, but I didn't get pictures of them.

I never really did catch one myself, however, John hooked one and I pulled it in. Just a little large mouth bass...

All things need some lovin' right?!
OK on to the reason of my title for this post. After we left from the pond we ventured on up the road. Several years ago this place was featured on a local news channel. "Carolina Traveler"'s a couple guys who go all over North Carolina and South Carolina finding just everyday people and places and telling their stories. Some of the stories are hilarious, some have been sad, some are interesting, and some are odd, like this...
Looks pretty normal right?! Johns River (this is the name of the river, I'm not saying that it is my husbands LOL), an old bridge that's probably been flooded more times than we can count, some homes off in the distance, you get closer you start seeing this.

OH YES! Caldwell County's very own attraction! The "House of Mugs"...I saw this on TV when Carolina Traveler done the show, but I had forgotten about it until yesterday. It is just amazing. I'm sorry, I know some would think this is just insane, but I was in awe at all those coffee mugs. There is tens of thousands of cups all over this place, all hung by a nail. I don't know why these people done this, I guess they REALLY REALLY love coffee mugs, but it is something else.

I could not find a space that was empty. There was mugs all shapes and sizes. You just don't get much more "odd, but interesting" than this!!!
Alright, here are a couple pictures of John's River. It was such a beautiful day yesterday.
We had such a good time, and best of all it did not cost a dime! This has been an extremely long post. I have a few more stories to tell about the days adventures, but it'll have to wait until later on. As for right now, I really need to be cleaning house!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Warm Weather...

Spring has least for the time being! Man, it has been one more winter. We've went from hot days, to freezing cold days, to rain, to snow, to sun, to more and more's been an odd couple of months. I am sooo glad to see the warm days ahead of us though. I've noticed as I have gotten older that I LOVE the warmer months. I am just itching to be outside doing something. My hunny bunny is out of town now fishing and I am so jealous! I would LOVE to be out on the boat right now. This is what my husband done to me a few years ago. He thought it would be GREAT fun to have my picture posted to a fishing website! I think it's the 2nd picture down...AWFUL picture!!!! WHATEVER!
So, I'm hoping to get out this weekend and take lots of pictures to be able to post. I've not took many pictures at all lately. We'll see how that goes! : )

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Needing an update!

OK, because you, Jennifer, seem to be the only one who really reads this...when you get ur fanny better and can update my page to look beauTiful...then I will do a better post. I might can come up with something, my life tends to be pretty borrrrring...but I might have a few things that are "news worthy". Stay tuned...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to scrapping

I met my husband in December of 2005, so scrapbooking just completely stopped and took a backseat in my life. I enjoyed doing it but I'm not as creative as some people are and it usually takes me forever to get inspired to put a page together. Well that's gonna change! I've been following Melanie's blog now for awhile and she has given me the scrapping itch! I had all sorts of books going at one time, but dating, marriage, and just the whole "wifely" duties that come along with that has gotten me behind on times. I went to Disney World in April 2005 and that book and all my pics have just been packed up, never touched again, until today! My living room is tore upside down with scrapping stuff. And my precious little Tatum is gonna meet his maker if he CHEWS on any more of my tools. I walked away for just a short while and here he comes with one of my little razor thingys I use to cut pics and papers. He's now in time out! LOL (FYI, he didn't cut himself with the razor, he was chewing on the cover of it) My current goal is to finish this book real soon. Wish me luck! More to come...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year...wanna know my resolution?!

OK, I'm a blog slacker...pretty much if it means I gotta sit down at this computer for any length of time and think of something to say, I'm gonna be slack about it. Oh well...

I just wanted to share my New Year's resolution with everyone!! I, personally don't do resolutions, never have...but I was thinking a few months ago about this and decided it would be a resolution I would stick to this year. Drum roll please!!! My resolution is to wear make-up everyday that I actually have to go outside of my house. : ) LOLOLOL You think I'm joking right?!? WRONG!!! I am sooo serious! I have gotten into a BAD habit of not wearing make-up for the past year or so...Good Grief!!! It all started when my precious husband told me he didn't care if I didn't wear it, because I was pretty either way to I started sliding a little. Well, then when I'd put it on I noticed my face would break out and my eyes would get irritated from the mascara or eyeshadow so I slid a little more. Then I started a new work schedule and ended up going into work before 6 am and there was no time to put it on at home, so I just didn't worry with it...This is a major thing here!!! My mother has been on my case for, like EVER now telling me I needed make-up (what a mom) drives her crazy when she sees me without it. So, I went out at my birthday and bought me all new stuff, mascara, foundation, powders, eyeshadow, everything that I usually wear and I've been doing fairly good about putting it on everyday so far. I've slipped a few times but hey, I have just been practicing for the new year right!?!? Well, the new year is HERE so I have to live up to this! I did let myself down today (GOOD GRIEF, it's the flippin' 1st day) by going out this morning to Wal-Mart and not even thinking about it! But hey, it's Wal-Mart, do I really need to impress anyone there?! I was only there for a short period of time so I think I'll be ok. But seriously I plan to keep up with this. I have inherited from my parents dark under-eye circles that definitely need to be hidden, and lets face it, I'm old...I need to do something to make myself look good!!! LOLOL

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and that this New Year will be filled with blessings for you and your family.