Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year...wanna know my resolution?!

OK, I'm a blog slacker...pretty much if it means I gotta sit down at this computer for any length of time and think of something to say, I'm gonna be slack about it. Oh well...

I just wanted to share my New Year's resolution with everyone!! I, personally don't do resolutions, never have...but I was thinking a few months ago about this and decided it would be a resolution I would stick to this year. Drum roll please!!! My resolution is to wear make-up everyday that I actually have to go outside of my house. : ) LOLOLOL You think I'm joking right?!? WRONG!!! I am sooo serious! I have gotten into a BAD habit of not wearing make-up for the past year or so...Good Grief!!! It all started when my precious husband told me he didn't care if I didn't wear it, because I was pretty either way to I started sliding a little. Well, then when I'd put it on I noticed my face would break out and my eyes would get irritated from the mascara or eyeshadow so I slid a little more. Then I started a new work schedule and ended up going into work before 6 am and there was no time to put it on at home, so I just didn't worry with it...This is a major thing here!!! My mother has been on my case for, like EVER now telling me I needed make-up (what a mom) drives her crazy when she sees me without it. So, I went out at my birthday and bought me all new stuff, mascara, foundation, powders, eyeshadow, everything that I usually wear and I've been doing fairly good about putting it on everyday so far. I've slipped a few times but hey, I have just been practicing for the new year right!?!? Well, the new year is HERE so I have to live up to this! I did let myself down today (GOOD GRIEF, it's the flippin' 1st day) by going out this morning to Wal-Mart and not even thinking about it! But hey, it's Wal-Mart, do I really need to impress anyone there?! I was only there for a short period of time so I think I'll be ok. But seriously I plan to keep up with this. I have inherited from my parents dark under-eye circles that definitely need to be hidden, and lets face it, I'm old...I need to do something to make myself look good!!! LOLOL

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and that this New Year will be filled with blessings for you and your family.


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acutescrubnurse said...

Holly, great resolution!! Just wanted to give you a little advise on the foundation. I recently started using Bare Minerals, a powdered foundation, love it, you can't really even feel that it is on. ACtually, I think any form of the powdered mineral foundation is good. Check it out.
Have a great 2009!