Friday, December 12, 2008

All is well...again...

Second round of antibiotic for me within less than 2 months...I'm going for a record I believe! I used to never, ever get sick and now it seems like I stay sick. I started feeling bad last Saturday, and it progressively got worse, cough, snot flying everywhere, sore throat, headache, stomach ache, the whole kitten kaboodle. I just got over this mess probably around the first part of November and lucky me, I got it back! I have felt good enough today though to CLEAN...I always feel like my house is just loaded with germs and cooties whenever someone is sick and I always feel the need to scrub everything that's what I did today! It also makes me feel better when I know my house is cootie free!!! LOL
I don't really have much to update about. Things have been fairly "quiet" around my neck of the woods...just working, going to church, staying home...the usual. Here is something FUNNY: BLAST FROM THE PAST!!! Oh Lord, what HAIR...this is me and my BFF when we were in 10th grade, I think it was 1996. JENNIFER, I know you are gonna read this...what the heck was up with our curly, curly hair?!!? Hey, guess what we were doing?! Reading a letter! LOL We had "code" names in school..don't ask me why but I remember when we wrote letters to each other we'd use fake names...I think I was Jocelyn and I can't remember who Jennifer was. That's about all the high school memories I want to share...the rest can be left forgotten. I found this pic this morning when I was downstairs packing up mine and John's yearbooks to bring upstairs. It rained pretty bad yesterday and we had some water leakage down there so I didn't want to leave things like that down there to be destroyed. I ran across old pictures and had to share this one...I thought it was hilarious! I found one of my sister too, but I figure I better not post it. Although I know she doesn't read this blog, if she ever found out that I posted that pic online I believe she'd kill me. LOL
This picture was taken last Friday night by my husband who does not take good pics which is why it is blurry. That is my niece Rebekah with me. Her birthday is in a week or two and we took her shopping Friday...big mistake! Uuugghhh...I will never do that again until she's 20! The plan was to buy her clothes. I know kids don't like getting clothes, but my nieces and nephew do not know how to take care of toys and stuff such as that, so I told them I was not wasting my money this year on things that would be trash within a month. Poor Rebekah had a total misunderstanding of the situation and was VERY shocked when we got to Kohl's and she had to try on clothes!!! She stressed me out majorly! She ended up getting a dress, a toothbrush that plays a song (WHAT IS THE POINT??? A SINGING TOOTHBRUSH?!?!), and a necklace and bracelet set from me and John and that was it! When we took my other niece Hannah, she wasn't so difficult and we managed to get her all sorts of clothes. Rebekah just would not work with me. BTW, Jennifer that is my new hairdo if you can tell it in the fuzzy picture.
Here is another one of R...just because I think she's cute.

I gotta go get ready. Just talked to John, he is on his way to pick me up and he'll be very upset if I'm not ready to walk out the door. Chat later!


Jen @ One Moms World said...

hahaha.. I love it. Hello my name was Tori. I can't believe you don't remember that? Gosh I miss our highschool days!!!

Glad you are feeling better. Quit getting sick ;) LOL.

Love your hair... It looks marvelous darling!

Andrea said...

Hope you feel better soon...getting sick really stinks! And it's so funny to find pics of when we were young, huh? :)